Planning and conservation

Full details of local planning applications in the Upton Magna Parish can be viewed on the Planning page of Shropshire Council's website - click here to go straight to it. Information on Upton Magna village as a conservation area is accessed by clicking on the relevant sub-heading on the right of this page.

The biggest building development of late in Upton Magna is on land off Pelham Road. It's named "de Quincey Fields" and the planning application was submitted by Balfours on behalf of the Trustees of Sundorne Estate and the developers were Shropshire Homes.

Click on the sub-heading "Site and Building Design" on the right of this page to see images such as a site plan of De Quincey Fields and the design of the houses that were built.

Planning applications in the Parish received in 2017/18:-

19/12/18. Seating area at Haughmond Hill Cafe. Planning Ref: 18/05680/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

18/12/18. Single and side storey extensions and balcony at 2 de Quincey Fields, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05736. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

11/12/18. Felling and crown reducing trees at The Old Rectory, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05608/TPO. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

05/12/18. Amendment to planning application at The Glebe, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/04306/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

21/11/18. Erection of single storey extension, 2 storey extension and alterations to approved pitched roof at Chimneys, Uffington. Planning Ref: 18/05310/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

06/11/18. Felling of Scots pine at The Glebe, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05129/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

10/10/18. Extension to rear of The Glebe and relocation of existing garage, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/04306/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

06/08/18. Amendments to original application for poultry units at The Rea. Planning Ref: 16/04965/EIA. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

25/07/18. Extension to side and rear of 10 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/03276/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

27/06/18. Reduce by 3 metres, 3 branches of 1 yew tree in St. Lucia's Churchyard. Planning Ref: 18/02860/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

17/05/18. Change of use of staff accommodation to holiday let and change of use of function room to staff accommodation at The Haughmond. Planning Ref: 18/02142/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

08/05/18. Variation of condition no. 2 (approved plans) at Charnwood, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/02083/VAR. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

24/04/18. Fell to the ground 1 spruce tree at The Old Rectory, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/01884/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

06/04/18. Variation of Condition no. 1 attached to planning permission to allow for the retention of the demountable accommodation for a further temporary period of ten years at St. Lucia's Primary School, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/01489/VAR. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

04/04/18. Erection of a conservatory and conversion of existing garage to form a two storey apartment ancillary to dwelling at 8 de Quincey Fields. Planning Ref: 18/01113/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

04/04/18. Erection of a first floor extension to provide bathroom at 1 Preston Cottages. Planning Ref: 18/01497/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

31/01/18. Crown reduce 3 trees at 5-6 Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/00432/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

31/01/18. Alterations in connection with sub-division of farmhouse into 3 separate dwellings to include formation of new access and installation of a replacement sewage treatment plant at Peston Farmhouse. Planning ref: 18/00363/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

15/12/17. Erection of fence and hedge at the Haughmond pub (retrospective). Planning Ref: 17/05629/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Permission granted.

20/12/17. Proposed irrigation resevoir on land SE of Downton Farm (for information only). Planning Ref: 17/06108/AGR. Shropshire Council Decision: Prior approval not required.

31/10/17 and 06/11/17. Erection of single storey extension etc., at Cruck Cottage, Upton Magna. Planning Refs: 17/05145/FUL and 17/05360/LBC.  Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

04/10/17. Extension to Poultry Units to include two poultry buildings and associated infrastructure at Forge Farm, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 17/04609/EIA. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

23/08/17. Erection of log cabin for use as a shoot room at Keeper's Cottage, Uffington. Planning Ref: 1703958/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Permission Granted.

23/08/17. Certificate of Lawfullness for the proposed single storey rear extension at Upton Forge House, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 17/03952/CPL (for information only). 

04/05/17. Crown reduce 1no horse chestnut by 30% at The Old Forge, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 17/02066/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: No objection.

11/01/17. Reprofiling of eastern bund at Haughmond Quarry. Planning Ref: 17/00061/VAR. Shropshire Council Decision: Permission Granted.







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