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Please note: UPTON MAGNA VILLAGE HALL is not run by the Parish Council. Call the Booking Secretary on 01743 709186 for further information or to book.

Upton Magna Parish Council is elected by the local parishioners and is the first tier of local government, serving the community it represents. Elections to the Council are held every four years and the Council has an allocation of seven seats. At the last election, there were seven nominations and, as a result, the current Councillors were returned unopposed.

Local Councils have powers granted by the Government, including the authority to raise money through taxation. This is called the “precept” and the Council uses this money to provide a range of services which include street lighting, ground maintenance, grants to the village hall and the church etc.  The precept can be supplemented by other money raised by the Council, including grants from a range of providers.

The administration of the Council is handled by the Parish Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer and she is the only paid employee of the Council.  Any other service carried out by the Council is contracted to individuals or companies. Council Members are, in effect, volunteers and therefore do not receive payment.

The Council normally meets on the second Thursday every month with the exception of August. The meetings usually take place in Upton Magna Village Hall.  The Council must, by law, also hold an annual open Parish Assembly and this is held on the second Thursday in May, prior to the normal Parish Council meeting.  The agendas for forthcoming meetings and the minutes of those that have been held are displayed on the notice board outside the school and on this web site. Parishioners are always welcome to attend these meetings and there is an opportunity to raise issues before the official meeting begins.

The Parish Council is very keen to receive the views of local residents and welcomes suggestions of new projects that could be undertaken. It is best to do this via the Parish Clerk by email, telephone or post - her details are shown below.

Parish Clerk - Alison Utting 01691 622093   1 Cherry Drive, Ellesmere SY12 9PF

Village Hall - Eileen Greenaway 01743 709186