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This page shows planning applications up to June 2021. Any more recent application details can be found via the 'Planning tracker' tab. 

Please note: The Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process but is not responsible for making decisions. 

Upton Magna Parish Council has a Planning Committee that will respond to planning applications that fall between Parish Council meetings. To view the terms of reference for this committee, please visit our Policies & Procedures page on this website. 

Full details of planning applications can be viewed on Shropshire Council's website - click HERE to go to the page and enter the planning reference number shown below for the application you wish to view. 

For more information on how to respond to planning applications, click HERE

Planning applications in the Parish (most recent first)

17/06/21. Replacement of modern windows and repair of original windows affecting a grade II listed building at The Gate House, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 21/02630/LBC. Shropshire Council decision: Grant Permission. 

19/04/21. Erection of single storey side extension at 14 De Quincey Fields, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 21/01440/FUL (Retrospective. Amended description.) Shropshire Council decision: Grant Permission. 

24/03/21. Erection of single storey rear and side extension and internal alterations at 3 Frank Crosse Drive, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 21/01026/FUL. Shropshire Council decision: Grant Permission. 

18/02/21. Erection of single storey extension to rear following demolition of existing at The Grange, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 21/00690/FUL. Shropshire Council decision: Grant Permission. 

18/01/21. Erection of a single storey rear extension, minor alterations and repairs with landscaping at Gate House, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 21/00052/FUL. Shropshire Council decision: Grant Permission.

17/12/20. Work to trees at 8 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/05269/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right: Trees.

16/12/20. Variation to original application at 10 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/05154/VAR. This application has been withdrawn. 

21/08/20. Replacement of 2 wooden windows at The Gate House, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/03242/LBC. Shropshire Council decision: Granted.

14/08/20. Conversion and extension of stable block at Downton Hall, to turn into a holiday let. Planning Ref: 20/03208/FUL. Shropshire Council decision: Application withdrawn by applicant.

06/08/20. Erection of single storey extension at The Haughmond Village Store. Planning Ref: 20/03075/FUL. Shropshire Council decision: Grant permission.

29/07/20. Crown reduction of 3 trees at 5-6 Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/03045/TCA. Shropshire Council decision: Consent by Right - Trees.

21/04/20. Felling of 3 Lawson Cypress trees within a conservation area at The Gate House, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/01428/TCA. Shropshire Council decision: Consent by Right - Trees.

07/04/20. Application for certificate of lawful development for the existing installation of 3 biomass boilers and the buildings that house them at Forge Farm, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/01358/CPE. Upton Magna Parish Council not permitted by Shropshire Council, to comment. Shropshire Council decision: Granted.

30/03/20. Erection of rear extension at 2 Station Cottages, Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/01344/HHE. Shropshire Council Decision: Approved Extension (General Permitted Development).

11/02/20. Erection of single storey extension at 2 Haughmond Houses, Somerwood. Planning Ref: 20/00558/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

10/02/20. Erection of 2-storey extension at 6 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 20/00543/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

08/01/20. Erection of single dwelling at 11 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 19/05575/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

05/12/19. Internal alterations and extension at 3 Frank Crosse Drive, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 19/05329/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

18/11/19. Erection of 2 storey extension to rear at 1 Haughmond Houses, Somerwood. Planning Ref: 19/05002/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

08/08/19. Erection of 2 dwellings adjacent to 11 Pelham Road, Upton Magna and formation of new vehicular access for existing dwelling. Planning Ref: 19/03548/FUL. Application withdrawn.

16/07/19. Erection of detached building to be used as a shoot room at Keeper's Cottage, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 19/02823/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

11/06/19. Installation of biomass boilers (part retrospective) at Forge Farm, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 19/02436/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

16/01/19. Demolition of existing cottages and replacement with 2 new dwellings at Preston Cottages, Preston. Planning Ref: 19/00148/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

06/08/18. Amendments to original application for poultry units at The Rea. Planning Ref: 16/04965/EIA. The application has now been removed.