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Full details of local planning applications in the Upton Magna Parish can be viewed on the Planning page of Shropshire Council's website - click HERE to go to it. 

Planning applications in the Parish received in 2018/19 (most recent first):-

11/06/19. Installation of biomass boilers (part retrospective) at Forge Farm, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 19/02436/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

16/01/19. Demolition of existing cottages and replacement with 2 new dwellings at Preston Cottages, Preston. Planning Ref: 19/00148/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

19/12/18. Seating area at Haughmond Hill Cafe. Planning Ref: 18/05680/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

18/12/18. Single and side storey extensions and balcony at 2 de Quincey Fields, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05736. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

11/12/18. Felling and crown reducing trees at The Old Rectory, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05608/TPO. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

05/12/18. Amendment to planning application at The Glebe, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/04306/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

21/11/18. Erection of single storey extension, 2 storey extension and alterations to approved pitched roof at Chimneys, Uffington. Planning Ref: 18/05310/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

06/11/18. Felling of Scots pine at The Glebe, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/05129/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

10/10/18. Extension to rear of The Glebe and relocation of existing garage, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/04306/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

06/08/18. Amendments to original application for poultry units at The Rea. Planning Ref: 16/04965/EIA. Shropshire Council Decision: Pending.

25/07/18. Extension to side and rear of 10 Pelham Road, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/03276/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

27/06/18. Reduce by 3 metres, 3 branches of 1 yew tree in St. Lucia's Churchyard. Planning Ref: 18/02860/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

17/05/18. Change of use of staff accommodation to holiday let and change of use of function room to staff accommodation at The Haughmond. Planning Ref: 18/02142/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

08/05/18. Variation of condition no. 2 (approved plans) at Charnwood, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/02083/VAR. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

24/04/18. Fell to the ground 1 spruce tree at The Old Rectory, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/01884/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

06/04/18. Variation of Condition no. 1 attached to planning permission to allow for the retention of the demountable accommodation for a further temporary period of ten years at St. Lucia's Primary School, Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/01489/VAR. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

04/04/18. Erection of a conservatory and conversion of existing garage to form a two storey apartment ancillary to dwelling at 8 de Quincey Fields. Planning Ref: 18/01113/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

04/04/18. Erection of a first floor extension to provide bathroom at 1 Preston Cottages. Planning Ref: 18/01497/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.

31/01/18. Crown reduce 3 trees at 5-6 Upton Magna. Planning Ref: 18/00432/TCA. Shropshire Council Decision: Consent by Right.

31/01/18. Alterations in connection with sub-division of farmhouse into 3 separate dwellings to include formation of new access and installation of a replacement sewage treatment plant at Preston Farmhouse. Planning ref: 18/00363/FUL. Shropshire Council Decision: Granted.