Local History

Cruck Cottage Upton Magna Shrewsbury ShropshireCruck Cottage

Magna is latin meaning "great". Therefore the translation of Upton Magna is "Great Upton".

Upton Magna is  notable for containing the oldest cottage (that still stands to this day) in Britain and possibly Europe - Cruck Cottage - which is a thatch-roofed, timber framed cottage located near the church.

Tests on the timber in the cottage showed it to come from 1269.

The nearest populated town to Upton Magna is Shrewsbury, just 8 miles west.

Upton Magna used to have a Timber Circle in ancient times

Around the church are some beautiful timber-framed houses all seemingly well restored and maintained.

Today there is little left of Upton Magna's former canal or of the industries it supported.

For many years the canal has been drained and disused, and a signpost to Upton Forge does little to remind one of the one-time importance of the site. But it was here that the massive chain links were cast for the Menai Bridge which spans the straits between the North Wales coast and the island of Anglesey.