Sundorne Estate 1777 Survey

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The images are taken from the Estate 1777 survey and are reproduced with the kind permission of J.deQuincey Esq and the Trustees of the Sundorne Estate.

  • 0014 introduction 2.jpg
    0014 introduction 2.jpg
  • 0015 introduction 3.jpg
    0015 introduction 3.jpg
  • 0016 introduction 4.jpg
    0016 introduction 4.jpg
  • 0017 introduction 5.jpg
    0017 introduction 5.jpg
  • 0018 introduction 6.jpg
    0018 introduction 6.jpg
  • 0019 introduction 7.jpg
    0019 introduction 7.jpg
  • 0020 introduction 8.jpg
    0020 introduction 8.jpg
  • 0021 misc.jpg
    0021 misc.jpg
  • 0022 Explanation (Key).jpg
    0022 Explanation (Key).jpg
  • 0023 Map Sundorne castle grounds.jpg
    0023 Map Sundorne castle grounds.jpg
  • 0024 Land in Hand.jpg
    0024 Land in Hand.jpg
  • 0025 Tho. Morris The Hole Tenement.jpg
    0025 Tho. Morris The Hole Tenement.jpg
  • 0027 Pimley Farm. Map.jpg
    0027 Pimley Farm. Map.jpg
  • 0028 pimley farm.jpg
    0028 pimley farm.jpg
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