Parish Footpaths

Public Footpaths and Bridleways.

Landowners are legally obliged to ensure that all public rights of way are unobstructed and identified either with marker posts or by crop removal.

As a Parish Council we inspect rights of way in our Parish and work with the local tenants and landowners to see that our legal obligations are fulfilled.

To this end the Parish Council has appointed a footpath officer (Barry Bennion).

A definitive map of this Parish with footpaths and bridleways clearly marked can be downloaded from this website. Here

If you have any problems or concerns you can leave a message on this site, or contact Barry Bennion on 01743709268 or Ben Whittles on 01743709403

As a Parish Council we welcome visitors who wish to enjoy the countryside and magnificent views from the many and varied walks in our Parish.

We do however ask that you respect the environment that we all enjoy by observing the following:-

Please do not leave litter

Keep to the prescribed footpath

Keep pets on a lead at all times

During the breeding / nesting season (April-July), minimise your impact on their territory, particularly regarding dogs, keep them on a short lead, they love to investigate nests!

If you are crossing a field with cattle in, especially if they have calves afoot, avoid taking a dog, or keep the dog on a very short lead. Cattle regard all dogs as a threat i.e.‘wolves’ and may respond aggressively. More walkers are injured by cows with calves than by bulls!