Terms & Conditions of Hire

Upton Magna Memorial Hall Management Committee








  • The hall can only be hired by any person aged twenty one years or over. The Hirer must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the ‘Conditions of Hire’ for the Hall are understood and adhered to by all persons using the Hall during the hire period. The ‘Conditions’ are permanently displayed in the foyer and a copy accompanies each confirmed booking.

  • No liability will be accepted by the Village Hall Management for any injury or loss however caused, and Hirers are urged to arrange adequate insurance cover.

  • Attendances — the maximum number of persons allowed to attend a function at the hall is 150.

  • Sub-letting — the Hirer shall not sub-let the accommodation or any part thereof.

  • Any hirer who hires the Hall regularly and whose activities involve children or young people will be required to operate a recognised Child Protection Policy, based on the guidance of Shropshire Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB).

  • Playing of ball games of any kind is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by the Committee.

  • Maintenance of good order — the hirer shall at all times be responsible for the maintenance of good order during functions and for the maintenance of the No Smoking Rule. If the Committee subsequent to the contract being made discover that the hiring is, or is likely to be, of an objectionable or undesirable nature, or that the Hirer is otherwise in breach of any conditions of this agreement, this agreement may be immediately cancelled by the Committee without payment of compensation to the Hirer.

  • Damage — the Hirer will be responsible for all loss of, or damage to the property at the premises or property brought onto, or hired from, the premises and for injury to persons, or animals caused by or in consequence of any act or omission on the part of the Hirer, its agents or servants, and the Hirer is to keep the Committee indemnified in respect of any such loss, damage or injury.

  • If any damage is done to the Hall or the premises or their fittings, the expense of making good the same is to be paid by the hirer.

  • The Hall and premises are to be left in a clean and tidy order and the key placed in the key box no later than one hour after the end of the hiring period.

  • Accidents or injuries must be recorded in the accident book located in the kitchen drawer.

  • Right of entry — right of entry to the Hall is reserved to the Chairman and duly authorised members of the Committee at all times.


  • The Hall is not suitable for overnight accommodation, due to the lack of an automatic fire detection and warning system. Therefore, the Hall must not be used as a sleeping venue.

  • If any problems occur during an event, the Hirer must contact the Booking Secretary on 01743 709186 or the Vice Chairman on 07773-558682 immediately.


Payment Arrangements

  • The hire charge will be that applicable at the date of hire in accordance with the current published tariff.

  • A deposit of £50 is required with each application for booking the Hall. The deposit will be returned providing the premises are left clean and tidy and in good order. Failure to leave the premises in a suitable condition will result in the full amount of deposit not being refunded in order to cover the cost of additional cleaning services. Full payment must be tendered at the time of booking.

  • A signed copy of the Booking Form should be sent with the deposit (where applicable) to the Bookings Secretary Eileen Greenaway, Cruck Cottage, Upton Magna, Shrewsbury, SY4 4TZ. Cheques should be made payable to Upton Magna Memorial Hall.

  • The deposit will be refunded within 28 days of the event subject to the terms and conditions referred to above.


Cancellation Charges

  • Cancellation – in the event of a hirer cancelling, the deposit will be returned.

  • Where the cancellation is made within 28 days of the function the full hiring charge shall become payable unless the hall is hired by someone else for that date. The Committee reserves the right to exercise the cancellation clause within 28 days of the function.

  • NB: News Years Eve cancellation - less than 3 months notice full charges will be applied.




  • As the Hall is in a residential area, music and noise must be kept down to a reasonable level and not disturb the residents. Music may only be played within the building. Noise must be kept to a minimum in the car park, especially at the end of an evening event.

  • The premises MUST be vacated and all noise cease no later than the agreed finishing time.

  • Only the windows on the kitchen side of the Hall should be opened, as necessary. The entrance doors should be kept closed as much as possible and guests asked to leave quietly at the end of the evening.



  • The Hall, kitchen and toilets must be left clean, tidy and swept. If the kitchen is used, it is the responsibility of Hirers to see that the floor is swept and washed after use and all worktop surfaces wiped clean. The Hall floor must be swept and, where necessary, washed. Floor cleaning equipment is provided (brooms, mop/bucket in kitchen storeroom). The tables should be wiped clean. All rubbish is to be removed by the Hirer. Recycling for paper, glass and tin is available in the car park.


Furniture & Equipment

  • Hirers are asked to return all chairs (stacked in piles of 6) and tables to the storeroom. Small tables should be accessible near the front of the storeroom.

  • Mugs and small amount tea cups /saucers are available for use free of charge.

  • Hire charges will apply for Glasses, Crockery & Cutlery and will only be made available when booked via booking secretary - see hire charges for rates .

  • All breakages are to be reported and a charge will be made for their replacement. It would be appreciated if faults, e.g. light bulbs, could also be reported.

  • Hirers must ensure that all lights are turned off before leaving (except external security lights). The kitchen should be checked to ensure that taps, electrical equipment and the cooker are all turned off. Also a check made of the storeroom, kitchen, toilets and outside lights.


Use of Cooker

  • Hirers must ensure the oven and burners are turned off and the cooker is cleaned.


Windows & Doors

  • All Fire Exit Doors must be kept clear at all times.

  • Entrance doors must remain closed during a function to retain the heat.

  • Hirers must be certain that all windows and doors are securely shut and locked before leaving and the key returned to the Booking Secretary.



  • No items whatsoever are to be left in the building except by permission of the Village Hall Committee. Items of food or drink must not be kept in the store cupboards. The Management can accept no responsibility for items left in the hall.\



  • When the Village Hall licensed bar has been booked for a function no-one is permitted to take their own drinks into the hall (licensing laws and age limits apply).

  • If alcoholic drink is to be sold, the Hirer must be responsible for ensuring that NO alcohol is sold to or consumed by anyone under the age of 18 years.

  • Door to the bar will normally be locked with the key available from the Booking Secretary, Chairman or the Designated Premises Supervisor.



  • Smoking is prohibited in the Hall. Hirers must sweep up cigarette ends discarded outside the main entrance doors during a function.



  • Animals, including dogs, should not be allowed into the hall.



  • Cars are parked at owner’s risk.

  • Parking — under no circumstances will the Committee accept any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any car or other vehicle which in connection with a function may be brought to or left within the precinct of the building. The Hirer shall ensure that no car or vehicle is allowed to be parked in any unauthorised position and that any instructions given by the Committee’s employees with regard to parking are strictly observed.


Sound System

  • A deaf loop system is installed in the Hall (details from Bookings Secretary). If used, Hirers must ensure this is switched off.


Children’s Parties

  • In the case of the Hall being hired for children’s Birthday Parties, it is a condition of hire that the Parents or Guardians MUST attend the party and will be deemed responsible for ensuring that all Conditions of Hire are met.

  • Age limit 13 years for children’s parties.

  • Parties for age group 14 – 19 will not be permitted in the hall.

  • Hire is maximum of 4 hours including setting and clearing up – additional time charged at standard hire rates.

  • Saturday evening charged at adult rate.

  • Evening parties 9.30pm end time.

  • Playing of ball games of any kind is strictly prohibited unless authorised by the Committee.



It is part of the Licensing Agreement that is granted by Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council that we have a statutory obligation to ensure that each event has four named stewards during the period of your hire. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that stewards are appointed.

Duties should include:

  • Two Stewards to be responsible for the Entrance Door and admission of guests.

  • Two Stewards should take responsibility for the Hall in general.

  • All Stewards to ensure that there is no undue noise inside the Hall especially from a Disco or live music.

  • All Stewards to observe that the Licensing times are strictly adhered to.

  • All Stewards to ensure that the NO SMOKING rule is strictly observed within the Hall and Entrance Lobby.



Facilities for those with Disabilities.

Car Parking

The generously sized car park provides two reserved spaces for the hall. Stewards at each event may reserve additional space if there is a known requirement.

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance in the foyer and fire exits from the main room has a maximum gradient of 1:20 to allow wheelchair access. The steps and ramp are fully compliant with Building Regulations but care should be taken when leaving the building. Other fire exit gradients are 1:12. Fire exits (keyless) are signed. There is level access throughout the interior of the building.


A unisex toilet for the disabled (including ambulant disabled) is provided off the foyer. All others will be expected to use the male or female toilets.



The Village Hall is in constant use by many people. The Hall Committee requests observance of the ‘Conditions of Hire’ by all Hirers to ensure the smooth running and proper use of facilities to the advantage of all.


Your full co-operation is appreciated and we hope you have a very enjoyable occasion.


Upton Magna Memorial Hall Committee

January 2015




The person hiring the hall is responsible for Fire Safety while in the hall.


ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT brought into the Hall by a HIRER MUST have a valid P.A.T. certificate




Check List for hirers:


Before admission of the public ensure that:

  1. All exit doors are unlocked and the push-bar mechanism tested and in good working order;

  2. ESCAPE ROUTES ARE FREE from obstruction and available for use;

  3. Any fire doors are CLOSED and NOT wedged or propped open;

  4. Fire fighting equipment is in place and unobstructed. (Extinguishers must not be removed from walls and used as door stops – Fire Doors must not be propped open);

  5. Exit signs are illuminated;

  6. There is no obvious fire hazard in, or near, the building.


At start of a function;

1. Make group/audience aware of position of Fire Exits.


At end of function:

  1. Search for signs of fire;

  2. Check heaters and cookers are turned off;

  3. Check ALL electrical appliances are turned OFF and unplugged;

  4. Turn out all lights and close all internal doors;

  5. Secure all outside doors and windows.




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